I’ve dedicated this section of my website to the most exclusive and limited vehicles that I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter and capture. These cars are some of the rarest and most unique to have ever been produced. To keep things short and sweet, I’ve only included vehicles numbering less than 50 units produced worldwide.



1/25 Mclaren MSO HS

Based off of the already limited 675LT, Mclaren Special Operations “High Sport” never went into general production and was limited to just 25 bespoke units, with interior and exterior finishes tailored specially to their clients taste.

This car boasts a number of improvements over the already formidable 675LT. While utilizing the same M838TL twin turbocharged V8, it’s been fettled and reworked to produce 679bhp and 516lb/ft. In addition to the increase in power, the HS was also fitted with a unique front bumper, splitter, dive planes, an induction scoop, full length side skirts as well as an active P1 GTR inspired wing, all crafted from carbon fiber which makes the car capable of producing 220kg of downforce at 150mph.


1/32 Lamborghini Diablo SV-R

This stripped down, track-only version of the Diablo was introduced in March 1996 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was Lamborghinis first venture into the world of single-make factory racing. Despite Having debuted only four months prior to their first public race in June of the same year, 28 race prepared Diablo SVRs were set loose on the famous Le Mans circuit with this example among them. The race was referred to as a ‘zero faults operation,’ as all 28 cars also finished the race. In total, only 32 examples were ever produced, and what makes this car even more unique is that this and only one other are known to have been made road-legal. The pair are also the only two in North America.


1/44 Nismo 400R

Having only hand-built 44 examples, this is without doubt the rarest Skyline ever produced.

Inspired by the GTR LM, this version of Nissans R33 GTR was extensively re-worked with the sole purpose of becoming the ultimate road-going machine. The RB26DETT was removed, and in its place the Le Mans proven twin turbo RB-X GT2 was swapped in. In addition, a carbon driveshaft, titanium front strut-brace, a carbon fiber hood and forged three-piece wheels aided in shedding unnecessary weight. An adjustable carbon fiber wing and revised bodywork improved aerodynamics and cooling. Finally, an increase in track by 50mm as well as a 30mm drop in ride height improved the cars grip.